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3M Infeed / Exit Conveyor for A20, A70, R70, A80

3M Infeed / Exit Conveyor for A20, A70, R70, A80

  • Hughes Enterprises ID: 770618
  • UPC Number: 50051115256245
  • Vendor ID: 7000049246
  • Weight: 26.7 lb
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3M-Matic™ Infeed/Exit Conveyor for 3M-Matic™ Intro Series Case Sealers, 1/Case.

Easy bolt-on attachment for 3M-Matic™ Adjustable Case Sealer A20, A80-3, A80B, A80B-3, A80F, & A80F-3.Easily maintained roller design.Economical way to provide packing area without lifting boxes for transfer. Facilitates Case Flow To and From the Sealer.3M-Matic™ Infeed/Exit Conveyor is an extension conveyor featuring ball bearing rollers for smooth and easy movement. The powder-coated steel frame easily bolts to 3M-Matic™ Adjustable Case Sealer. When added to the packaging section of your production line, this infeed and exit conveyor facilitates the flow of filled cases into the sealer and sealed cases out of it.It can also be used to provide additional platform surface for packing before box sealing.Assists in case sealing operations across a wide range of industries, including: Food and beverage, Medical devices, Pharmaceutical, Electronics, Manufacturing, and Distribution centers.